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 Have a look to our newest sample report. Download here.

(Unzip the file and double click "index.html"-file.

Play with the links inside the report!)

Our mission is to develop and provide innovative software solutions. Intelligent and unique features are the key of our success!

The "Power Administrator for TSM" has been developed based on years of experience in TSM backup projekts with customers of any size. It is the complete concentration of all our knowledge about TSM operation, monitoring and management.


One customer citation: "The Power Administrator for TSM contains 95 percent of the functions I need to optimally operate my TSM environment." 

Download our free 45-day Professional Trial Version or use the Freeware Version of the "Power Administrator for TSM" software solution as long as needed.

Power Administrator for TSM Concepts

To manage a complex TSM environment with all aspects it is important to have every time a complete overview about all TSM topics.

Drill-Down functionality is consistently used in the complete PA GUI. Even in reports Drill-Down functionality can be used.

The Power Administrator for TSM provides full administration capabilities for all TSM versions since 6.x.

Reporting, Monitoring, Analysis, Performance-Analysis, Scripting-GUI´s, Scripting-Desktop, Security Extensions, Health-Checks ... there are many powerful add-on functions available in the Power Administrator for TSM software. Try it with our Professional Demo Version!

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