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TSM Script Extensions - why they are important



  • The "Power Administrator" (PA) provides TSM script extensions to solve two major problems and to give additional scripting capabilities:

    1) A normal TSM script has no possibility to use a GUI for input data. A user of a TSM script must know which parameters a TSM script uses and
        which input values are possible. For this reason the usability of normal TSM scripts suffers.
        The PA provides Script Extensions to define a GUI with desired input fields, with titles, text elements,  automatically filled selection fields, and so on.
        Furthermore with the PA there are different output formats for the script results possible, e.g. a graphical table format with sort-column possibility.

    The second major problem for which the PA provides a solution is the limited granularity of possible privileges for script or TSM command execution.
         One example, which isn´t possible in native TSM, but with the PA, is described iin the following. An operations requirement for a first level
         administrator could be:
            a) The administrator should have the possibility to add TSM-Client nodes to a TSM server
            b) The administrator is not allowed to delete TSM client nodes from a TSM server
         Another possibility could be, that an TSM administrator should have the possibility to start TSM-DB-backups, but without granting this TSM
         administrator "System" or "Storage" privileges.

  • The "Power Administrator" is capable to protect TSM scripts against unauthorized changes and on the other hand grant selected administrators
     execution privileges for these scripts. I.e. it is possible to grant an administrator with "less" privileges execution privileges (inside the PA GUI) for a script
     containing commands, which need normally higher privileges. With this technology it is now possible to give any kind of administrator access to any
     kind of TSM script in a secure way! 

  • It is now possible to build real TSM script applications with the PA "Script Application Builder" extensions. With these extensions, it is possible to build right mouse button menus inside table outputs and link TSM scripts, so that you can design complete Script Applications.


For details, please read the technical instruction.

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