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Complete and comfortable TSM administration


  • The Power Administrator (PA) provides a complete administration GUI for TSM and supports nearly all aspects of a TSM server

  • The PA offers additional administration functions, which aren´t available with the native TSM GUI and tools provided by IBM,
       - Mass update of many TSM client nodes, TSM administrators, etc. in one step
       - Powerfull filter possibilities in tables
       - Special administration functions for "NAS Nodes", "VMware Guest Backups", etc.
       - Usage and creation of templates for the setup of new TSM clients or TSM administrators.
       - Tabe data export to ".csv"-files
       - Many help texts to TSM administration options

Navigation tree - Select the topic you want to work on...

Set every kind of filter settings to find and display only desired items!

Completely Multi-TSM-Server oriented administration with expandable and collapsable areas!

Select the displayed columns for your displayed table!

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