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TSM Security Extensions via "Switch User" functionality


  • The new „Switch User“ feature of the PA allows TSM Administrators with "less" privileges to execute scripts, containing TSM commands which need "higher" privileges. For security reasons, the TSM scripts themselves are password protected, so that only authorized TSM administrators can change them.

  • The "Switch User" funtionality is only available within the "Power Administrator" GUI!

  1. Write your TSM script with any desired TSM command inside.

2. Assign the TSM administrators
    to your script, which should
    have the capability to execute

4. Login to the PA GUI with one of
    the authorized TSM
    administrators and execute
    your script. In the background
    the PA software makes a switch
    to the "Switch User"-user and
    excutes the script.

3. Assign the "Switch User" (TSM
    administrator id) to your
    script, which should be used for
    script execution.
This user must
    have all necessary privileges
    for the script execution.

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