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Professional TSM Add-on software

Delivering powerful administration and management features. To get you results.
"Power Administrator for TSM"  Professional Version

The Professional Version includes all features of the Freeware Version plus the following additional features:


  • Monitoring and mangement of TSM error messages beyond the last 24 hours

  • Message forwarding via email, snmp or script calls

  • Completely free configurable and important out-of-the-box TSM health checks

  • Powerful analysis window for deep process, session, performance and throughput analysis

  • Comfortable tape- and media-management with realtime messages

  • Completely free configurable reporting with many out-of-the-box reports, usable also as templates for further self-defined reports. Reports with text, tables, charts, user-input masks, performance calculations, multi-TSM-server-select-commands, drill-down-functionality

  • Special VMware-backup administration and management functions

  • Special NDMP-backup administration and mangement functions

  • Template functions for TSM client and TSM admin registration

  • Further TSM script extensions inculding new security features not available in TSM itself.

  • TSM Script Desktop (Script Corner) to manage and organize TSM scripts in a graphical way


"Power Administrator for TSM" Freeware Version

This is unique in the market:


A completely free available TSM administration GUI nearly supporting all existing TSM functions and with advanced additional functions like:  24 hours message monitoring, a configurable daily operational report, TSM script extensions, multi-item-update capabilities, many realtime views to important states, best TSM server command line in the market with many filter options, search options, select builder, etc.

 ... and it' s easy to use ...

Difference between Professional

Version and Freeware Version:

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