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Fine-tuned TSM monitoring - why it is so important


  • A single TSM server generally produces a huge amount of messages every day (not to mention a multi TSM server environment). An exact monitoring of these messages is crucial for a proactive error handling. But who is able to read carefully all these messages every day? The "Power Administrator" provides intelligent and flexible filter possibilties to reduce the number of TSM messages as far as possible and to show only the really relevant messages.

  • The appropriate serverity degree of TSM messages is crucial. What helps a TSM messages, displayed to an administrator, but with an improper severity degree? The "Power Administrator for TSM" offers fine granulated configuration features to change severity degrees of TSM messages.

  • Regular Health Checks are an important monitoring feature. Generally there are a lot of individual aspects in an individual TSM environment, which need a kind of special monitoring. E.g. are there very long running processes (expire inventory, etc.) maybe in conjunction with special days or are there TSM clients, which need a special monitoring or is there a high number of write errors in the last time? The "Power Administrator" provides completely free configurable Health Checks to check all possible aspects of a TSM server.

  • One central point for message monitoring and message management is helpful and faciltiates message handling.

  • The "Power Administrator" provides message forwarding via SNMP, email or script exit.









TSM server messages

TSM Health Check -


Power Administrator Messages

Trouble Ticket System - managing error messages

  • Gives the possibility to write notices to every TSM error and to save the notices in a database

  • Gives the possibility to search for notices in the database and to find solutions for former problems

  • Three new states have been introduced for TSM error messages: "New Message", "In Work" or "Acknowledged"

  • In the Central Message Console "acknowledged" TSM error messages can be filtered so that only new messages will be displayed or vice versa

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