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TSM Operations Analysis - why it is so important



  • During the last years we have seen an enormous growth of the number of TSM clients, backup data, parallel processes and sessions, which a single TSM server nowadays has to handle. As a result the operation and administration of TSM has become a more and more complex job

  • Improper and non-optimized operation of a TSM server could claim extremely hardware resources like network bandwith, CPU and disk load and could lead to hotspots and overloads

  • The Power Administrator Summary-Analysis-Tool is unique in the market and makes it easy to find problems in the daily TSM operation at a glance!

  • The Power Administrator Summary-Analysis-Tool avoids unnecessairy investments in additional hardware resources and saves significant TSM administration time

  • The Power Administrator Summary-Analysis-Tool is capable to analyse many TSM servers in one step and to display data in a way that shows direct correlation between activities of different TSM servers. This is important if TSM server instances are using the same hardware resources, e.g. disk components, network bandwith, etc.

With only a few mouse clicks get the most advanced
IN-DEPTH Process and Sessions analysis

Get a global overview about Throughput and Performance of selected items and TSM servers easily by a few mouse clicks

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