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Individual and comprehensive Reporting - why it is so important


  • During the last years we have seen an enormous growth of TSM servers and its operation becomes more and more complex. Reporting should give a TSM administrator the kind of overview and also the kind of detailed information to manage all these complexities

  • Because today TSM environments could be very different, a reporting tool which provides only some standard reports is probably not an appropriate solution

  • Individually configurable reporting, which can be  adapted to every kind of management needs will give the kind of overview needed in an individual environment

  • Comprehensive Reporting means a reporting which not only provides one chart or one table per report, but gives the possibility to design reports with multiple information inside covering completely a desired topic. This gives the maximum overview for a special topic

What the "Power Administrator for TSM" offers:

  • Enterprise reporting for one or more TSM servers

  • Completely free configurable reports. Add text, tables and charts in arbitrary combinations to your own reports

  • Completely free configurable data collectors to collect every kind of TSM data, to be used in historic reporting

  • Completely free configurable performance reports to show the performance of TSM clients, TSM server processes 

  • Link reports and subreports together to implement a drill-down functionality

  • Define individual user parameters to reports

  • Define enterprise wide SQL queries for many TSM servers to summarize values globally. E.g. summarize TSM storage usage enterprise wide, etc.

  • Schedule automatic report generation and send reports automatically via email

  • Many "out-of-the-box reports" reports, which can also be used as templates for new reports

Enterprise wide, flexible TSM reporting
is our expertise, ask us!

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